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  • HARVEST: 2020
  • PRODUCER: Jose Antonio Salaverria and sons
  • REGION: Santa Ana
  • ORIGIN: El Salvador
  • ALTITUDE: 1,400-1,700m
  • VARIETIES: Bourbon
  • PROCESS: Anaerobic Double Soaked
  • FLAVOURS: Black plum, green apple, peanut butter & white tea

This experimental lot is from Salaverria family, Jose Antonio Salaverria and his two sons Andres and Jose Antonio, the younger. They are sixth generation coffee producers.

The anaerobic process starts immediately after the cherries are picked. Whole cherries are dry-fermented in barrels without water for 72 hours. They are then finished with a double soaked and washed process. The family use eco-pulpers called “Jotagallo” that remove about 80% of the mucilage. The Salaverria family's standard procedure is to take the parchment from the pulpers directly to the patio for drying.

In the double soak process, they add an additional overnight soak for about 10 hours after pulping, as they have found this makes the coffee even more elegant. The cup is brighter and cleaner, flavour intensity is higher, and the acidity profile more distinct. The cups tend to be more closed in the beginning, but they open up a lot just a few months after picking. The coffee spends the first 40% of the drying time on raised beds under shade, and 60% on a clay patio. The result is crazy and beautiful deep fruit/funky notes. Please enjoy!