casa cacao: COLOMBIA <br>"Arhuaco Community 72%"
casa cacao: COLOMBIA <br>"Arhuaco Community 72%"
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casa cacao: COLOMBIA
"Arhuaco Community 72%"

casa cacao: COLOMBIA "Arhuaco Community 72%"

Arhuaco Community of Catanzama, Sierra Nevada, Colombia.
72% Cacao.

72% Cacao.

At Casa Cacao we dedicate ourselves to cacao and chocolate, in order to display the changing nature of the bean, converted into chocolates that search for difference over and above uniformity. Each origin, each producer, each batch, each production shows one of the thousand faces that make up the life of cacao: the ground where it grew, the climate that conditioned its life, the work of the producer on the soil and the plant, or the differences in treatment after harvesting, particularly during the fermenting and drying process.

Cacao harvested and fermented by the Arhuacos native community of the Sierra de Santa Marta, in northern Colombia. Cacao called Criollo, fermented at the Macondo cooperative centre where cacao is fermented and dried for up to twenty-six producers from the area.

At the Casa Cacao workshop, we select the cacao by hand, we roast it, crack and winnow the beans, add organic cane sugar and cocoa butter, and then we conche it for a minimum of 48 hours.

Net Weight: 80 g

Tasting Notes: Soft acidity, peat, wood, leather, cacao and a touch of blackberry.

Ingredients: cacao beans from the Arhuaco Community (Colombia), sugar, cocoa butter.

Allergens: Does not contain allergens. May contain traces of: nuts, milk, gluten and soy.


Shipping Note:  At the moment, we are only able to ship casa cacao products to the following locations: Hong Kong, Japan, Macao, South Korea, and Taiwan.  Our casa cacao products are shipped weekly on Fridays from Hong Kong.