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  • HARVEST: 2020
  • PRODUCER: Esayas Beriso
  • REGION: Guji 
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • ALTITUDE: 2,000-2,550m
  • VARIETIES: Heirloom
  • PROCESS: Natural
  • FLAVOURS: Peach, grape, tea-like

This lot is from Buku, one of the highest elevation coffee growing areas in Ethiopia with an average altitude of 2,350 meters above sea level - simply stunningly high. The farm plots are scattered and the terrain is uneven, so farmers deliver cherry on horseback. This coffee has been picked at maturity with the strict supervision from the farmer Mr. Esayas Beriso. The farm supplies to SNAP coffee exporters.

Coffee cherries are harvested and hand-sorted to remove unripe and overripe cherries before processing. The cherries will then be moved to the drying beds. Underripe and defective cherries will be sorted out by hand during the first days. The level of fermentation will be determined by the thickness and layer during the first days of drying in combination with temperature. Fermentation is slower at higher altitudes as temperatures are generally lower. Drying naturals at these altitudes can take up to 20 days. The coffees are moved frequently and they will be covered during the hottest hours of the day to protect the cherries from intense sunlight, then again at night to protect against humidity. This will also help improve quality as the coffee is rested and the drying more homogeneous. Please enjoy!