Wholesale & Consulting


Souring and roasting coffees requires passion and hard work, and we love to partner with like-minded operators who share our love for coffee.  With our wholesale program, not only do we provide tasty coffees and brew training to help you Brew Like a Champ, but we aim to build a long-lasting partnership that will bring sustainable growth to your business.

We are active in sourcing sweet and aromatic coffees with each season.  Allow us to put our expertise to the test for your business needs - whether that means taking our curated selection of single origin coffees as they change through the year, or our seasonal blend which retains its comforting and versatile character, or something that is developed exclusively for you.  Get in touch with us at and let us show you what we can do. 


We are open to working with like-minded people from different regions who are looking to partner with us to share Cupping Room Coffee with the world.  If you're interested in learning more, contact us at and we will be in touch!


Put our expertise to work for you! Whether you're opening a cafe, or looking to upgrade your establishment's coffee service, we are here to help.  Our decade+ of specialty coffee experience will take the guesswork out of sourcing, brewing, and serving coffee, allowing you to focus on the big picture while we sweat the details.  

In our team, we have experience consulting and supplying a wide range of businesses from start-ups to international chain operators to five star luxury hotels to two Michelin-starred dining establishments.  We would love to talk more; please reach out to us at


For every year since 2012, Cupping Room has been fortunate enough to win the Hong Kong National Barista Championships.  Our journeys in preparing for the World Barista Championships, representing Hong Kong, have been intense experiences filled with challenges and emotions, but they have always been the source of great professional development and growth.  We love to share what we've learned and see others succeed.

We take time every year to coach or partner with passionate baristas who are seeking to grow their own skills and to fulfil their own dreams.  Though spaces are limited, we'd love to hear from you at and work out a customised training plan or coaching arrangement for national and world competitions.

Cupping Room's Competition Achievements

Hong Kong Barista Championships
2011 - 2nd Place
2012 - 1st Place
2013 - 1st & 3rd Place
2014 - 1st Place
2015 - 1st & 2nd Place
2016 - 1st Place

Hong Kong Brewers Cup Championships
2015 - 1st Place
2016 - 2nd Place
2017 - 2nd Place

World Barista Championships
2013 - 15th Place
2014 - 2nd Place
2015 - 4th Place
2016 - 11th Place
2017 - 3rd Place

World Brewers Cup Championships
2016 - 4th Place

Cupping Room's Affiliated Competition Achievements

Japan Barista Championship
2017 - 1st Place

Cupping Room's Team Accreditations

2012, 2013, 2016 Hong Kong Barista Champion
2015 Hong Kong Brewers Cup Champion
2007 Canadian Barista Champion

World Barista Championships Sensory & Head Judge (2009-)
World Brewers Cup Championships Sensory Judge (2014-)
World Latte Art Championships Visual & Head Judge (2014-)
World Coffee in Good Spirits Championships Visual, Sensory, & Head Judge (2014-)
World Coffee Roasting Championships Sensory Judge (2017-)

World Coffee Events WCE Representative (2012-)

SCAA Barista Guild of America Level 1 Certificate (2010)
SCAA Barista Guild of America Level 2 Certificate (2011)
SCAA Barista Guild of America Lead Instructor Certificate (2012-)
SCAA Barista Guild of America Level 1 Examiner (2012-)
SCAA Barista Guild of America Level 2 Examiner (2013-)

SCAE Barista Foundation (2013)
SCAE Barista Intermediate (2013)
SCAE Authorised SCAE Trainer (2015-)

Specialty Coffee Association Authorised SCA Trainer (2017-2020)