Champion-tested Brewing Guides

Fold over the two sealed edges on the paper filter and fit it to the brew cone.  


Trim the paper filter's bottom and side edge (the edges that have the seal) so that there is minimal excess paper beyond the usable part of the filter. 





Place your brew cone over your server.  Rinse with hot brewing water; discard the water. 


Rinse with approximately 500g of hot brewing water in order to completely remove any residual paper taste.  Line up the paper filter in the brew cone so that the bottom seam of the paper filter lines up directly over the single hole of the brew cone. 






Weigh and grind your coffee to a medium grind. Carefully place the grounds into the centre of your filter and tare your scale.


Flush your grinder before grinding.  Add about 0.4-0.5g extra, grind, and weigh out your coffee again after grinding; remove excess as necessary.  If you are using a grinder that has a tapping mechanism (like the EK43), avoid tapping the grinder until after you have removed the container holding your ground coffee inside. Remove any silver skin/chaff by using a camera lens blower.






Brew using a pulse-pour method. Using time as a marker, this is the mass of water that is dispensed during the brew.  The time column indicates when you should begin to dispense water.  The mass column indicates what your target finishing mass should be on your brewing scale for each pouring interval.


Minimize agitation during your centre pours in order to preserve the crust of coffee that forms after blooming to retain more aroma in the final brew.

Final Details:

Total Brew Time: 2:20-2:40

Coffee TDS: Ideally 1.25-1.35%

Coffee Extraction Percentage: 19-23%