December Coffee Dripper
December Coffee Dripper
$390 HKD

December Coffee Dripper

Version 3.0, made in South Korea.

Merchandise will ship out with each week's coffee orders, usually on Thursdays.

Designed by Nick Cho and Youngmin Lee, the December Dripper offers a very unique, but simple addition to classic pour-over brewing: control over the flow rate as the brew bed drains. With a simple turn of the dripper's base, you can select from three different flow rates, or shut off the flow almost entirely. It may not sound like much, but that extra level of control can add a good deal of versatility to a dripper.

The December Coffee Dripper is a flat bottomed pourover brewer perfect for making 1-3 cups of delicious filter coffee. The dripper is made from 18-10 stainless steel and is dishwasher safe, making it more durable than many other brewing devices. An adjustable aperture on the bottom allows you to choose a grind size that best suits your coffee without affecting the flow rate of your brew. This all works to simplify the brewing process as well as creating more room to be creative with recipes.

The December Dripper is made in South Korea from stainless steel and a silicone gasket and sleeve. All the parts are dishwasher safe, and the base and brewer can be detached by removing the screw using an allen wrench (not included).