$680 HKD


A guided tasting through the fascinating world of specialty coffee, designed by 2020 Hong Kong Barista Champion Bosco Tai!

Each course will include a lecture portion, where we discuss some fundamental concepts of specialty coffee, as well as an interactive tasting session focusing on a theme that is unique to each course.  This means that you can continue to enrol in successive courses to broaden your coffee tasting experience with us on a regular basis!

Duration: about 2 hours

This course is ideal for:
✓ Enthusiasts
✓ Home Brewers
✓ Baristas
✓ F&B Professionals

CONCEPTS (taught each course)

  • What is "Specialty Coffee"
  • A brief history of coffee
  • Introducing the coffee cherry and processing
  • Identifying basic tastes and aromas

THEMES (rotating with each course)

  1. Compare & Contrast Growing Regions
  2. Compare & Contrast Processing Methods
  3. Compare & Contrast Varietals/Varieties
  4. One Origin, Different Processing Methods
  5. Variations from a Single Processing Method
  6. Variations from a Single Variety
  7. Compare & Contrast Roast Profiles
  8. One Coffee, Different Roast Profiles

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"LIKE A CHAMP" Details

All courses will be held at our Cupping Room location at Shops 305-306, Lee Garden ONE, 33 Hysan Avenue in Causeway Bay.

All courses start at 7:00pm, except where noted.

All courses will be conducted in Cantonese with supplementary information in English.

If the minimum attendance level is not met, a course may be rescheduled or cancelled; we will advise you at least 48 hours before the scheduled start time.

We limit attendance in order to have an excellent instructor to student ratio, if you would like a bespoke event or lesson, please reach out to us at!