$630 HKD

ATTABOY Seasonal Espresso Blend (315 per kg)

ATTABOY Seasonal Espresso Blend (2kg)

Coffee ships after our next roasting day: August 21
  • Harvest: 2018-2019
  • Origins: Colombia | Ethiopia | Ethiopia
  • Origins: 50% Los Naranjos AA Washed | 40% Halo Hartume Washed | 10% Worka Natural
  • Altitude: 1,500-2,200 masl
  • Varieties: Mixed | Heirloom Ethiopian | Heirloom Ethiopian
  • Process: Washed | Washed | Natural
  • Flavours: Chocolate, peach, blackberry 

We love our seasonal blend for espresso and we also love it for drip.  In our shops, we use it as our house espresso for both black and milk beverages.  We also brew it to order on our brew bar, and serve it as our iced black coffee.  As you can tell, it's a very forgiving blend and dials in easily on your espresso bar or for home brewing.  

Suggested Parameters for Espresso:
  • Dose: 20 grams in an 20-gram basket
  • Extraction Time: 25 seconds
  • Extraction Weight: 40 grams of liquid