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Single Origin Coffee:


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  • Producer: Lourdes Fatima & Family
  • REGION: Sul de Minas
  • ORIGIN: Brazil
  • ALTITUDE: 1,125m
  • VARIETIES: Red Catuai
  • HARVEST: 2019
  • PROCESS: Natural
  • FLAVOURS: Black plum, chocolate, almond

Lourdes Fatima is the matriarch of a coffee growing family that includes her two sons and daughter-in-law. Tiago lives and works on the farm with her, and just across the road her son Carlos and his wife Rosmeirie live on their farm, Sitio Vargem Grande. The younger generation are very interested in fermentation and have been training and experimenting to add value to their coffee.

Lourdes ferments her coffee as cherry for 72 hours in a box before drying in a raised box that allows for air to flow underneath. The team measure brix and PH and keep a close eye on the temperature. For this lot, the temperature did not go above 38 degrees, Brix measured from cherry was 12, and the final PH was 4.

In the cup, you get complex and sweet fruit character, like black plums and deep ripe cherry.  Layers of creamy chocolate and candied almonds come through as the cup cools.  Please enjoy!