$140 HKD


Single Origin Coffee:


Our coffees are roasted weekly and fulfilled after roasting to ensure optimal freshness and flavour.  Cut-off for all orders is at 9am on Tuesday mornings.  Orders completed after this time will be shipped the following week.  
  • MILL: Shembati Station
  • REGION: Butaganzwa, Kayanza
  • ORIGIN: Burundi
  • ALTITUDE: 1,800m
  • VARIETIES: Bourbon
  • HARVEST: May-Jul 2019
  • PROCESS: Natural
  • FLAVOURS: Black plum, mixed berries, nashi pear


This coffee jumped out at us on the cupping table, and we are really happy to get our hands on this super complex and clean "not-so-typical natural coffee" from Burundi!

This beautiful lot consists of multiple day's worth of cherries brought in by the farmers surrounding the Shembati Station.  

They have gotten really good experience with their naturals the past few years. They are generally making naturals when they have great cherry quality coming in and when they have enough capacity on the tables to do it properly. The cherries are soaked in water to remove all floaters. They spread it out in a single layer about the first 2 days while they are sorting out immature, deceased and overripe cherries. It's also to get it dried faster in the beginning of the drying cycle as that seems to create a cleaner and brighter profile in their environment. After the 2-3 first days they slowly build up the layers, and are moving and turning the cherries on the table multiple times per day.

In the cup, you can expect mixed berries and plums, with floral notes woven in, combining with nashi pear sweetness and a round, supple body.  Please enjoy!