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  • PRODUCER: Semeon Abay x Israel Degfa x Nordic Approach
  • FARM: Anasora
  • REGION: Guji
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • ALTITUDE: 2,350m
  • VARIETIES: Heirloom
  • PROCESS: Natural "Bag Fermentation" by Semeon Abay & Nordic Approach
  • FLAVOURS: Ripe mango, sparkling pineapple, berries

We are incredibly fortunate to get our hands on this experimental single-bag lot from Semeon Abay, Nordic Approach, and producer Israel Degfa.  The purpose for trying this type of fermentation method is to find methods for improved preparation of coffee that can be scaled up.  Some of the experiments use recognisable processing methods, but the environment and terroir will make a big difference in the attributes and performance of the coffee.  We are thrilled to be able to share this unique natural process Ethiopia with you.  Expect a fruit basket's worth of flavours and aromatics: ripe mango, sparkling pineapple, stewed strawberries, with some lactic acidity and underlying cacao notes. 

From Nordic Approach:
The Semeon Abay coffee is named after our colleague in Tropiq Ethiopia, as he is the person who manages this special preparation we call “bag fermentation”.

We are very selective on the qualities used for this specific experiment: The cherries come from high altitudes, around 2000 masl, and they are floated and hand-sorted before we begin fermentation. The cherries are then stuffed into polypropylene bags which are stacked in piles of two. Every 12 hours, for five days, we rotate the coffees, so the bag on the bottom becomes the bag on the top. By restricting the air circulating the cherries, we increase the development of lactic bacteria, resulting in intense, fruity and sweet coffees.

After five days we remove the cherries from the bags and spread them in thin layers on the drying beds to stop the fermentation process. The average drying time is 15-20 days.

Semeon Abay has many years experience producing naturals with different methods. We plan to experiment with different natural processes for the next few years, at different washing stations, in different environments, with different varieties and differing growing conditions. Our aim is to find methods, that we can replicate on a large scale, of producing differentiated and delicious coffee. This specific coffee was produced at Adola Washing Station in Guji with support from the producer Israel Degfa.