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Single Origin Coffee:


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  • MILL: Mbiziri Station
  • REGION: Kayanza, Kayanza
  • ORIGIN: Burundi
  • ALTITUDE: 1,900m
  • VARIETIES: Bourbon
  • HARVEST: June-July 2019
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • FLAVOURS: Hibiscus, raspberry, mandarin 

The Mbirizi Washing Station is one of the leading shade drying stations in Burundi. The elevation at Mbirizi is high and climate is cool, meaning it’s easier to control fermentation. The traditional washed process in Burundi is a lengthy procedure with double (dry and wet) fermentation before 12-18 hours of soaking. From there it goes to pre-drying under shade before entering the elevated and sun exposed drying tables. Drying takes 15 – 20 days depending on the climate.

This lot was first dried under shade for up to 5 days, then put on raised beds to complete drying under the sun. The Mbirizi station is the one specialized in shade and has the most capacity to do so.

A result of all this meticulous processing is a fine cup character resplendant with hibiscus blossoms, raspberry acidity, and mandarin orange sweetness. Please enjoy!