$280 HKD

ICONS by Cupping Room

Due to significant reductions in scheduled flights worldwide, Hong Kong Post shipments may experience temporary delays (more information here); however, we are fortunate to advise that DHL Express services remain unaffected.

2020 was a year full of challenges, and as we look to new beginnings for 2021, we are also refreshing our subscription program for the year.

We will be sending out boxes of coffee every month, as before, but with different coffees chosen by our roasting and green buying team, including 2020 Hong Kong Barista Champion Bosco Tai who has recently joined Cupping Room!  These exciting coffees will be small lots, and oftentimes will be exclusive to our subscription program.  The quantity of coffee we send will be dependent on the price we pay for each coffee – extremely rare examples might be in 100g bags (similar to ICONS) while competition-level coffees, geisha and other exotic varieties may be in 150g or 200g bags.  This gives us greater flexibility in sourcing exciting and meaningful coffees for this program.

Each subscription will receive two origins, as was the case before.  If you subscribe to more than one box, you will receive duplicate coffees then (two subscriptions will have two bags of each coffee).  You can manage your subscription anytime at the ReCharge portal.

There are still considerable delays at the Hong Kong Port at the moment, which has been holding up our green coffee deliveries. We have revised the charge date of the subscription box from 8th to 22nd. 

We hope you'll enjoy our coffee.