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Andrea is the very first Singapore Brewers Cup Champion, co-founder and co-owner of 37waves and Lucid in Singapore, and a certified sensory judge for the World Brewers Cup Championships and World Coffee Roasting Championships.  Her introspective and analytical approach while training for and competing in her national and world competitions has made her an influential trainer and coach for competitors and national champions across Southeast Asia. 

"My journey as a barista started out at the end of 2014, where I was working part-time in a café and was given an opportunity to compete in the inaugural Singapore National Brewers Cup in 2015. I thought it would be a fun and interesting way to learn new things. I signed up for the competition, flew to Taiwan twice to select coffee beans and of course, trained hard and I won that competition! The win propelled and solidified my path in the coffee industry and I’ve been doing coffee-related work ever since."

As someone who has found success so quickly after entering the specialty coffee industry, Andrea has devoted her time to breaking down barriers and stigmas, in order to improve accessibility – both for cup quality, and for professional development.

It took quite some convincing to get Andrea to agree to be a part of our ICONS line up.  She has been a subscriber since the very first box and she has tasted first-hand the calibre of coffees we’ve had featured, but one of the biggest stresses is dialling in a coffee with only 100g on hand!

So we are filled with gratitude that Andrea is embarking on a special feature within our ICONS project where the focus would be less on which coffees are selected, but more on how you can brew (using a range of devices) in order to maximise your enjoyment of the amazing coffees that will continue to be featured.

We have wanted something like this from the very beginning of our ICONS subscription service, and we are thrilled that Andrea is helping us with this challenge!  She will definitely show you how to Brew Like a Champ!

Israel Degfa - Natural (Nordic Approach Special Project)

  • HARVEST: 2019
  • PRODUCER: Israel Degfa
  • REGION: West Arsi (formerly Guji)
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • ALTITUDE: 1,700-1,900m
  • VARIETIES: Heirloom cultivars
  • PROCESS: Natural
  • FLAVOURS: Red berries, passion fruit, fruit punch

Israel Degfa - Washed (Nordic Approach Special Project)

  • HARVEST: 2019
  • PRODUCER: Israel Degfa
  • REGION: Guji
  • ORIGIN: Ethiopia
  • ALTITUDE: 2,350m
  • VARIETIES: Heirloom cultivars
  • PROCESS: Fully washed
  • FLAVOURS: Earl Grey, apricot, lavender

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