ICONS: Adam & Rachel Overton

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Adam and Rachel Overton, of Gesha Village Coffee Estate, produce amazing quality coffees.  We are fortunate to be able to call these two coffee professionals our producing partners for over three years.  Adam and Rachel have selected two coffees to share with our subscribers in our inaugural box. 

During their first four harvest seasons, Gesha Village has worked hard to get their fundamental processing protocols right – and applied consistently year after year.  As a brand new farm, established in 2011, this was incredibly important – especially when many of the world’s foremost coffee producing estates are generations-old. 

Now into their fifth year of harvest, Adam and Rachel have moved into more experimental processing methods.  While some in the industry have pointed to these processing experiments as merely a hot, current trend, Adam sees it in a different light.  "Any modern farm needs to have a progressive, experimental side to them.  But Gesha Village is looking to maintain the house style they have cultivated, while pushing the flavour profile envelope further."  The other side to consider, is that the coffee they have been producing so far has been stellar in terms of quality, and that there’s a pretty significant argument against doing something that alters the intrinsic character too significantly. 

This brings us to our first offerings for our ICONS subscription. While these coffees are both non-traditionally processed selections, don’t expect crazy flavours of bananas or cinnamon.  Instead, the cup characters continue to reflect the quality of Gesha Village up until now: extremely clean and transparent floral and fruit notes.

Founder’s Reserve – Anaerobic Natural Process 13-Hour Fermentation
Founder’s Reserve – Anaerobic Fully Washed Double Fermentation

As this is the first production harvest of these experimental processing methods, first edition of our Icons subscription box will be limited.

Tasting notes and further information will be released shortly before shipping.