Takayuki Ishitani - Japan Barista Champion 2017

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Interview with Takayuki Ishitani

Nation: Japan
National Champion: 1st time
Years Competed: 13
WBC 2018 Rank: 11th
Instagram: @taka_ishitani
You’re a long-time barista competitor, but this was your first time at the World Barista Championships. How did this experience live up to your expectations as a first-time national champion?
I had very high expectations of my own result, even though it was my first time at the WBC.  Even though I didn’t go through to the Finals round, I think that I was able to communicate what is important to me as a barista. In that way, I am satisfied.
How did you decide which coffee to use for your WBC routine?
When looking for a coffee, I am really drawn to the tactile experience of the espresso.  Together with my coach, Miki, this philosophy helped me to choose this natural Gesha Village Lot 96 Gesha 1931 variety, which has a wonderful tactile experience that is creamy and smooth, but also has amazing flavour characters.
What was your brewing recipe? Did you change your recipe for the milk or signature course?
Ground coffee: 25g
Espresso extraction: 46g
Brewing temperature: 90.5℃
What was the inspiration behind your signature drink?
The most important thing was for me to create a drink that I can serve to my daily guests in a coffee bar.  Then I took inspiration from my experience though competition and the feedback I get each year.
Please share your signature drink recipe with us.
First, I split two double espresso shots by time:
1) First 30g (by extraction weight), usually the first ten seconds of the extraction.
2) Next 60g (by extraction weight), usually from ten to 18 seconds of the extraction.
Put 2g of the original sauce made from miso and passionfruit into Part 1.
Put 15g of the original passionfruit and herbs (dried rose, lavender, and elderflower) syrup into Part 2.
Mix the two parts together by blender.
If you have any advice for a first-time WBC competitor, what would you say?
Preparation is most important. I think that it’s important to clarify where to set your goal find the ideal way to achieve it.
Will we see you again next WBC?
I’ve just decided to compete in this year's JBC again... and I think that I'll be very happy if I can stand again on the stage of the WBC in 2019.
Photo Credit: Sonia Cao (@sscmot)

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